Pastoral Care Ministry


Addresses concerns raised by the patients & their families & enables them to respond to their spiritual & emotional needs.

Quiet Holy Space


The Glory Center provides a holy quiet space for people to come & engage in rest, reflection, meditation & prayer.

Healing & Wellness Garden

A garden pathway, is available with benches, for rest, renewal, reflection, & prayer in the presence of God’s Holy Creation.

The Vision & Mission of the Glory Center is firmly grounded in belief in the Holy Sovereign Triune God. As believers we live in a covenant relationship with our Holy Triune Living Lord. Our God reveals himself to us in three ways; through Creation, through the Incarnate Christ (the Word made flesh), & through the indwelling Holy Spirit.

Living with a Spiritual Hunger for Meaning:  Part 1

February 1, 2022

Living with a Spiritual Hunger for Meaning: Part 1

Life is complicated don’t you think? Sometimes we are able to see & experience the pure beauty of being alive & we feel holy joyful, grateful, hopeful, energized & purposeful. And then other times we experience & see unavoidable tragedy & we suffer & lose our sense of meaning, belonging & purpose in life. As our life experiences seem to shift between beauty & suffering, upon occasion, it can be a challenge to understand exactly what the ultimate meaning of this life we have been given is. That is especially true when we are experiencing suffering, be it caused by: serious illness, grief, loss, injustice, loneliness, betrayal, etc.

Living with a Spiritual Hunger for Meaning:  Part 2

February 1, 2022

Living with a Spiritual Hunger for Meaning: Part 2

The Bible tells us that through God’s steadfast love for all creation He has given us the freedom to choose how we will live amidst the beauty & the suffering we encounter through our living. Though we have been given a choice of how we will live & receive the beauty & suffering of life, God walks with us through our life, guides us & awakens us in a wide variety of ways to feed our faith & to help us chose how we will experience & participate in the ultimate meaning of the life He gives us. It is up to us what we chose to do as we move through our days.

Glory Center Posting – February 2022

Glory Center Posting – February 2022

Glory Center – February 2022

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