The Glory Center is a Spiritual arm of Inspired Health Group.

The Glory Center Vision

The Vision of the Glory Center to expand & nurture faith in God our Father, God the Son, & God the Holy Spirit.  The Light of God will be experienced & grow inwardly & be spread outwardly, reflecting the hope that fuels healing & wellness for the Glory of God.

The Glory Center Mission

The Mission of the Glory Center is to promote & facilitate whole healing by offering opportunities for spiritual growth that reflect the Love, Light, & Grace of our Holy Triune God. 

The Glory Center Foundational Statement

The Vision & Mission of the Glory Center is firmly grounded in belief in the Holy Sovereign Triune God.  As believers we live in a covenant relationship with our Holy Triune Living Lord. Our God reveals himself to us in three ways; through Creation, through the Incarnate Christ (the Word made flesh), & through the indwelling Holy Spirit. The concept of the Trinity is often referred to as; “Holy God, three in one”, implying that there are three distinct self-contained individual personal beings.  However, through the teachings in the Holy Scriptures particularly as we read about God’s self-revelation in biblical history, as well as, God incarnate in Christ, it becomes clear that the “Oneness” of God is not the “oneness” of a distinct, self-contained individual, but rather it is the unity of a community of persons who love each other & live together in harmony.  There is a deep, intimate, indissoluble unity between them.  They are what they are, only in relationship to one another.  Each exist only in this relationship & would not exist apart from it.  Father, Son, & indwelling Holy Spirit live only in, with & through each other, eternally united in mutual love & shared purpose.  God the Father, God the Incarnate, & God the indwelling Holy Spirit, united in shared love & purpose reveal their Spirit & character through biblical history & stories in three different ways, each overflowing into & affecting the other. We learn from the biblical history (1 John 4:8) & through Biblical stories that God is defined as Love.  In everything that our Triune God does, He is a loving God. God is the definition of what Love is.


God the Father  

God’s Love is universal for everyone.  There is no discrimination, limitation or exclusiveness in God’s love.  (John 3:16-17, John 4:13-14)

God’s Love is unconditional. (Romans 5:8)

God’s Love is initiating.  God always makes the first move.

God’s Love is steadfast, ever present, & everlasting.                      

God never turns away from us. (Psalm 103:17)

God’s Love is reconciling love.  God seeks to heal rather than to hurt, restore rather than defeat & destroy, reclaim rather then get even.   (1 Timothy 2: 3-4)

God’s Love is compassionate & just. 

God’s Love is selfless love.

God’s Love is helping and renewing love.  It forgives & accepts us as we are, but it does not leave us as we are.

God the Incarnate Christ

Christ’s Love is immeasurable, & unchangeable.

Christ’s Love is universal. It is offered to the whole world & all of creation.  There is no exclusiveness in the Love of Christ.

Christ’s Love is unconditional.  Grace is freely offered to all.  Christ gave his life for us so that we might live & reconnect with God our Creator.  The Love of Christ has no bounds in heaven or on earth.

Christ’s Love is initiating. Before we ask or seek for love, Christ seeks us out.  He never gives up on us.

Christ’s Love is compassionate, comforting, just, & righteous.

Christ Love is a reconciling & forgiving Love. He commands us to love our enemies & forgive them, in order to break down the dividing walls of hostility & judgment that separate people from God & from one another.

Christ’s Love is self- giving.  God does not stand at a distance from us but rather became Incarnate to stand with us & share in our hurt & suffering.  The gift of God is God’s own self through Christ incarnate.  (John 3:16)

God the Indwelling Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit, which dwells within us, radiates God’s steadfast Love to us.

The indwelling Holy Spirit empowers us to live reflecting God’s Love.

The indwelling Spirit is inclusive & illuminates, enables & empowers all of God’s creation to radiate the Love of our Triune God.

The Indwelling Spirit enables us to receive God’s Love & to live in a “right relationship” with God & our fellow human beings. It provides an empowering presence of God in our lives.


There is a deep intimate indissoluble unity between God the Father, Son, & indwelling Holy Spirit. They live in & through each other united in shared Love & purpose. Since God’s own deepest inner being is intensely community seeking, then that is also what God is in relationship to all of His children created in His image. 


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